A collage of wood, glass, metal, plastic, used in different proportions, vigurously articulated into a bold, contrasting aesthetic, is what defines Radu Abraham’s body of work.

His sometimes intriguing objects become an invitation into an immaginary scenery, in which functionality is secondary to form, in which a night stand might resemble a sober butler, an elongated candle holder reminds a slender gothic column.

The execution process is a central part of Radu’s practice, which beyond its meditative function, is a constant source of practical input and inspiration.

From hand-drawn scketches to real scale prototyping, a full range of possibilities emerge. This is how material limitations sometimes become new possibilities in the realm of form and function.

As he immersed himself into the practicality of object making, he was absorbed to the rather sculptural dimension of functional objects developing a form of functional sculpture, or a kind of sculptural design, that is still developing.

From small collectible objects, to bigger furniture pieces, short series, or unique items, a common language is articulated at the intersection of functional and sculptural through robust shapes, with a powerful presence.

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